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Strollers League

The “Strollers” League is an important part of the Club’s structure as it provides an opportunity for players new to the game to learn its rules and etiquette,to develop their bowling – skills and experience friendly competition whilst under the supervision of experienced bowlers At the beginning of the season members wishing to play for the “Strollers” put their names down on a list.From this list teams are chosen and these are displayed on the Strollers notice-board prior to the game. Every effort is made to ensure that ALL PLAYERS have an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY to play. Games are played on a Friday afternoon,starting at 2pm,with clubs playing each other on a “Home” and “Away” basis. The dress-code is grey trousers/skirt with white tops. Three sets of “Triples” (each a mix of Ladies and gentlemen) make up a team of nine players. Half -way through the game both teams adjourn to the club-house for a chat and “tea & biscuits” (although sometimes this takes place at the ends of the game) These occasions have,over time very often resulted in great and lasting friendships being formed. Two points are awarded for a win,one point for a draw on each rink with an additional two points .for the best “overall score”. At the end of the season the Club which has won the most points is presented with the “Strollers” League Trophy at a specially arranged function.